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Will be updated as details are confirmed.

Richard D. Brecht

Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, Co-Director of the American Councils Research Center, and Co-Founder of Jeenie™

Mina Levenson

President, Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association

Noriyasu Harada Li

Language Engineer, Amazon

William P. Rivers

Executive Director, Joint National Committee for Languages

Daniel Bögre Udell

Co-founder, Wikitongues

H. Yalan King

Director, Mandarin Institute

Colin Cherry

Research Scientist, Google Translate

Michael Maxwell

Technical Director for Human Language Technology, University of Maryland Center for the Advanced Study of Language

Burr Settles

Research Director, Duolingo

Jacob Burdis

Cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Emmersion Learning

Brett Laquercia

Vice President, Business Development at Emmersion Learning

Craig Cornelius

Software Engineer, Internationalization, Google

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