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Intersections of Language and Nature:

Conservation, Documentation, and Access


September 6-7, 2019

University of Pittsburgh



Friday, September 6

9:00            Registration/COFFEE           


9:30            Welcome and Introduction


10:00          Keynote: Secwépemc Indigenous Perspectives on Language, Nature, and Landscapes 

                   (Chief Ron and Marianne Ignace) 

Live Stream Link:


11:00          COFFEE


11:15          Panel: Experiences from the Land: How has your community protected language and biodiversity?

                   How are they connected in your experience?

                   (Panelists include: Irma Chávez, Andrés Ozuna; Moderated by Felice Wyndham)

Live Stream Link:

13:30          LUNCH


14:30          Posters*


15:30          Workshop: Taxonomy and Naming

                    (Organized by Andrew Gosler, Eugene S. Hunn, Marshall Iliff)

15:30          Workshop: Access - Mukurtu and the Ethno-ornithology World Atlas

                    (Organized by Felice Wyndham, Eglee Zent, and Dani Stuchel)


16:30          COFFEE (Mid Workshop)

17:30          Panel: How can regional and international networks do more to support community-based          


                   (Panelists include: John Fanshawe, Andrés Ozuna Ortiz, Anna Luisa Daigneault, and Marianne        

                   Ignace; Moderated by Alberto Yanosky)

Live Stream Link:

18:30          RECEPTION – Carnegie Museum of Natural History (

*Posters will be displayed for the duration of the symposium; Friday's session is a dedicated time for submitters to discuss their work. 



Saturday, September 7

9:00                 COFFEE         


9:30                 Keynote: Language, Culture, and Environment

                        (K. David Harrison) 

Live Stream Link:


10:30               Workshop: Language Documentation and Mapping


10:30               Workshop: Access - Mukurtu and the Ethno-ornithology World Atlas

11:15               COFFEE (Mid Workshop)

12:30               LUNCH


13:30               Panel: How can we improve our understanding of global language and species distribution? 

                        (Panelists include: Marshall Iliff, Gary Holton, Karen Park, and Alberto Yanosky; Moderated by

                        John Fanshawe)

Live Stream Link:

15:00               Film: Singing ‘Bird’: Carrying on the Kumeyaay Tradition


15:30               Panel: Discussion of the Film

                       (Teri Brewer and Remote Commentary from Ral Christman and Chairman Paul Cuero)

16:30              COFFEE


17:00               Panel: Synthesis: An open conversation about ways forward.

                        (Panelists include: Felice Wyndham, Chief Ron Ignace, and Alberto Yanosky; Moderated by

                        Gary Holton)

Live Stream Link:


18:30               Closing Remarks


19:15               SYMPOSIUM BANQUET 


20:30               OPEN MIC. (bring your instruments and share your talents!)



Sunday, September 8


Field Trip: National Aviary

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